Show you care (in style)

Talk about a strong style statement: America Ferrera made her message clear by wearing a retro-looking STAND UP TO CANCER tee at one of the charity’s fund-raising events.

Borrow from the boys

Liv Tyler flaunts her rock-royalty status by making the hard-rock guys’ go-to look—a band tee, jeans and a blazer—all her own. Hint: It’s her sexy heels, tight-fitting jeans and tiny clutch that keep it girly.

Let a solid tee highlight totally glam makeup

Kate Bosworth’s red booties and matching lipstick stand out against her neutral-color tee and jeans. (Note how her dark blazer chic-ifies an otherwise-quirky look.)

Wear it like a blouse

Leave it to the almighty Kate Moss to put a fresh spin on the most classic wardrobe item ever. You hardly notice that she’s wearing a super-basic T-shirt thanks to the beyond-stylish mix of shorts, tights, knee-high boots and a little cropped jacket.

Have fun with it

There’s a reason why the T-shirt has been a weekend essential since, um, forever: Comfy and colorful, it’s the kind of thing most of us can’t get away with wearing during our normal 9-to-5. So when you’ve got the chance to rock the low-key look, really go for it, like Ellen Page does. Caught on an offscreen day—yet looking every bit the indie gal we loved in Juno—Page wore a bright green tee with a printed flannel, checkered scarf and some worn-in kicks.

If you’re going to get wordy, keep it simple

We get it: Some of those super-cute slogan tees are hard to resist. Just make sure what they say is short and sweet—and printed big—like Sarah Jessica Parker’s CHANGE tee. Otherwise you’re just asking for Neanderthal dudes to stare at your chest to, as they claim, “try and read your T-shirt.”

Use it to dress down an outfit

If she’d worn a glittery or skintight top, Charlize Theron’s edgy outfit—complete with chunky jewels, a dressy blazer, leather leggings and peep-toe booties—might have gone, well, over the edge. But with a simple white tee, her outfit looks perfectly hip.

Swap out the ironic tee for something artsy

Not like she’d ever be one to wear an I’M WITH STUPID tee, but Natalie Portman’s painting-like shirt makes her casual-chic outfit of cuffed jeans and boat shoes look even cooler.